Earrings with the glass beads



Earrings with the green glass beads-1

Hello friends!

Today I want to introduce my new earrings with the green glass beads. But I have already presented to you another earrings with these beads. They are very beautiful and look very good on ears. I don’t write a lot. Just enjoy my creation!



The ideas for Christmas gifts

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share with you some ideas for the Christmas gifts, of course handmade things.

  1. The cup support for the tea and coffee lovers:1a

2.  Box with the toothpicks and beads:



3.  The tealight with holder from Oriflame.  This is one of the original gifts for the Christmas.


Good luck to all of you in the selection of Christmas gifts

Handmade Christmas card

Hello, friends and the visitors of my page!

Because of some valid reasons I couldn’t get on my blog much time and share with you anything. But I hope everything will be fine.

Well, today I want to share with you the handmade card — of course Christmas card. Because it is December and very soon we will celebrate Christmas. As you know I prefer to reuse candy papers and so here I have used the same handmade method.

What do we need to make this card? —  candy papers, glue, coloured construction paper, scissors and ribbon.

Here I have used  2 kinds of candy papers — green and blue papers, but you can also use any simple coloured  papers. At first we cut the green circles — nearly 1 sm and then the blue smaller circles.


So, our circles are ready and we can start making the card. Firstly we have to glue big circles and then over bigs small circles.  Nearly the card is ready. We just need to glue the ribbon.  I’ve used creamy, but you can  use any other colours what you like.


So our handmade card is ready and you can write your greatings inside!

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